Hello willow world!

Get Ready for Valentines

Valentine Heart Mini make ! 

You will need – 4 x 4ft willow rods, 5 or 6 short thick pieces of willow and about 20 x 3ft willow rods depending on how much you want to ‘fill in’ your heart and string.

Follow the video and use the 4ft rods to make the heart frame, tie the short thick pieces randomly across the heart to add supports to weave on to, then use the 3ft rods to randomly ‘scribble’ weave over the whole framework, this mini make can be upscaled to any size. You can use material from the garden if you have it or you can get your willow from Clare at warwickshirewillow.com, I used Britensis – scarlet willow. Enjoy, and please share your makes with me, I’d love to see them !