To celebrate National Nest Box Week, here’s a hedgerow mini make. There are lots of ways to make bird houses, but this is the most simple version. I have used hedgerow materials, but you can also use willow.

How to Make –

  • You will need – 7 thick rods about 2 foot long, lots of thin rods, any length and string.
  • Wrap and tie the seven rods, bend them over at the bottom to splay them out.
  • Take one of the thinner rods, insert the tip between tow of the uprights and weave in-between each one, when you run out add another in the same place, it does not matter wether you start with a tip or the butt end, do whatever suits your material it will depend on the flexibility.
  • Weave the shape you want all the way up, then wrap and tie the top.
  • Trim off any bits sticking out and lastly cut an entrance out somewhere in the middle.