Where does your willow come from ? – all our willow is British grown from the Somerset levels

Is willow weaving for me ? – weaving is a very mindful activity, not too difficult but you do need to concentrate. All my classes follow a process and build up methodically. It is a physical activity and quite a slow process, however feedback is always positive . If you feel you may struggle physically then a kit may be the way to go for you so you can spread your work over a few days.


What’s included ? – Everything you need to complete your project is in the box, willow, soaking bag, instructions and string.

Is the willow ready to use straight away ? – No, you will need to soak your willow ahead of time, this takes 4-5 days. This means you can keep your kit until you are ready to use it.

My soaking bag has sprung a leak ? – If this happens you may be able to repair the leak with sticky tape, if not please contact us and we’ll send you another.

My willow still feels stiff ? – Willow is a natural material and can be affected by environmental conditions such as temperature. If your willow does not feel pliable enough to weave with then pop it back in the bag with water for another day or two and keep checking until it is. If you can take both ends in your hands and bring them together to make a curve it is ready. Some light kinking as you work is normal with sculpture weaving.

How long will it take me ? – weaving is a slow process, most of the kits will take around 6 hrs but you can do them over a few days, put any unused willow back in the bag with a little bit of water to keep it damp. Once soaked you should aim to use your willow within a week.